Canvas Wall Art Hanging Guide

What you need

Included in all my canvas prints are a hanger set:

The length of cord

The pair of triangular D-rings (picture hooks)

The 4 shorter black screws

The pair of nails

Step 1.

Using the four (shorter) screws, secure a triangular D-ring to each of the side stretcher bars so the two D-rings are pointing towards each other horizontally.

They should be above the halfway point of the side stretcher bars, but not too close to the top.

It helps to do some prior measurements so that the D-rings are on a level plane.

Step 2.

Thread the length of cord through both D-rings, pull the cord tight and then tie a knot in each end to secure it, cutting off any length you don’t need.

Step 3.

With a pencil, mark the points on the wall where you’re going to insert the nails.

If you’re in any doubt, use a spirit level to make sure they’ll be on a level plane.

When you’re happy, hammer in the nails.

Note: They’ll need to be deep enough into the wall so that the sticking-out part of each nail isn’t longer than the depth of your frame.

Step 4.

Hang your large canvas by simply resting the cord on the nails.

That’s it! – you’ve successfully hung your large canvas photo print.